DIY: How to Make a Custom Paper Towel Holder

DIY: How to Make a Custom Paper Towel Holder


A paper towel holder is a small but essential kitchen accessory that can help keep your countertops tidy and organized. While there are many options available for purchase, making your own custom paper towel holder can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. Not only will you have the satisfaction of creating something unique and functional, but you’ll also be able to customize the design to fit your specific needs and aesthetic.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of creating your own custom paper towel holder. We’ll cover materials, tools, and techniques, as well as provide some design ideas to inspire your own creation.



To make a custom paper towel holder, you’ll need a few basic materials. These include:

  • A wooden dowel or rod (1 inch in diameter)
  • A piece of wood (for the base)
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper (220 grit)
  • Paint or stain (optional)
  • Screws or nails (optional)


To complete this DIY project, you’ll need a few basic tools. These include:

  • Saw (hand saw or power saw)
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Sanding block
  • Paint brush (if using paint)


Before you begin, you’ll need to decide on a design for your paper towel holder. You can keep it simple with a basic rod and base, or you can get creative and add embellishments or multiple rods. Some design ideas to consider include:

  • A rustic, reclaimed wood look
  • A sleek and modern design with a metal rod
  • A multi-level holder with several rods
  • A holder with a built-in shelf for storing other kitchen essentials

Cutting and sanding:

Once you’ve decided on a design, it’s time to cut and sand your materials. Start by measuring and marking your wooden dowel or rod to the desired length. Use the saw to cut it to size. Next, measure and cut the base to the appropriate size. Sand both the dowel and base using the sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges.


Now it’s time to assemble your paper towel holder. Apply a small amount of wood glue to the base and carefully insert the dowel into the center. Use screws or nails to secure the dowel in place, if desired. If you’re adding any embellishments or additional rods, attach them now. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving on to the next step.


Once the glue is dry, you can finish your paper towel holder with paint or stain. If you choose to paint, use a paint brush to apply a coat of paint to the entire holder. If you choose to stain, apply the stain with a brush or rag and wipe off any excess. Allow the paint or stain to dry completely before using your new paper towel holder.


Finally, you’ll need to mount your paper towel holder to the wall. Measure and mark the desired location on the wall and then use a drill or screwdriver to attach the holder to the wall using screws.


Creating a custom paper towel holder is a fun and easy DIY project that can add both function and style to your kitchen. By following this guide, you’ll be able to make a holder that is uniquely yours, and that fits your specific needs and aesthetic. Whether you choose a simple design or something more elaborate, a homemade paper towel holder is sure to be a functional and attractive addition to your kitchen.